Self storage near North Branch

Published on 4/14/2023
Whether you are looking for self storage for the first time, or you have been using self storage for many years, here are some great tips on some things to consider when choosing a facility!

Size of the facility: Bigger is not always better. Sometimes larger facilities attract more traffic, which can make moving in and out of your unit less smooth and more hectic. In addition to being busier, larger facilities are often not locally owned and operated, meaning if you are looking to support local business while renting storage, a smaller facility may be a better way to go.

Security: There are some important factors when considering the security of a facility. Location is one of them. Facilities that are located directly on a major highway, while convenient, can also attract more unwanted visitors. Another thing to consider in regards to security, is if the facility has cameras that capture both video and photos. Also, is there someone monitoring the cameras on a regular basis? At Countyline Storage in North Branch, MN, we have personnel monitoring security footage at almost all hours of the day. 

Cost: Cost is always an important factor when deciding where to rent storage from. Even a $10 a month difference can add up over a year. Look for facilities that are less expensive than others in the area. Also look for facilities that offer first month free rent. At Countyline storage, our rates are the lowest in the area, and we offer your first month free!

When choosing a storage facility, there are many factors to consider. If you are looking for storage in North Branch, Stacy, Lindstrom, Chisago Lakes, or any of the surrounding areas, please consider renting from Countyline Storage. A secure, locally owned, convenient, and inexpensive option.